Are you really up for adventure?: Part 1

stocksnap_9dac748a18It’s not so much that I’m bored at home with nothing to do.  I can always find something to occupy my time and be perfectly happy doing it.  But I also know how many times I find myself in a text exchange with the BFF about how we never do anything and have nowhere to go because our circle of friends is so small.  Small as in, just her and I (by choice).  Complaining about how we don’t want to go to a club, but how many times can we go out for coffee??? At the same time we send each other memes on Instagram showing ‘that face you make when plans fall through because you get to stay in bed’.  Entertaining because it’s the truth.  We say we want to get dressed up, all girls night out, and also don’t want to get out of bed, get in the shower, do our hair, put our faces on and get dressed.  Or drive anywhere.  Or look for parking.  This is exhausting!  So nine out of ten times, we stay in..  And bitch about having nothing to do and not meeting people and not knowing where to meet people.

Sometimes you just need to get out of bed.  Sometimes the journey AND the destination are worth it but you’ll never know if you’re too lazy to take the first step in that direction.

I’d already stayed out past my bedtime Friday night (10pm).  After running errands until Saturday afternoon, I was mentally and physically ready to stay in my PJs until Sunday morning.  But I had an opportunity to meet someone for dinner downtown and while I could have used an adventure, I could have equally used more than 6 hours in sweats vegging out.  Going downtown would mean driving there and as much as I like being downtown, I prefer it as a pedestrian or a passenger.  I could drive to Downsview station (free parking) and then take the subway down.  The trip would take longer but be considerably less stressful.  I used to hate riding transit when I had to, but there’s something both relaxing and exciting about riding it when you normally drive your car everywhere.  Yah.  That could work.  I was supposed to be downtown for 7pm which meant I should leave by 6pm.  It was now 4:50pm and here’s how you know I was still on the fence about this potential adventure:

  • I had confirmation that we were meeting but not exactly where we were meeting after I got out of the station.  I decided to take this as ‘unconfirmed’ and had zero intention of getting ready until an exact meeting location was confirmed.
  • I hadn’t picked an outfit, or did my hair, or make up or even showered yet.
  • I needed to stop to take out cash for subway fare and gas.  Don’t worry, I had a plan to stop at a gas station with an ATM on the way to the highway.

So after spending 15 more minutes updating my Spotify playlist – essential since I’m going to need some get hype music to wake me up on the drive – I get in the shower.  I tell myself if there is no confirmation text by the time I get out, I’m not going.  There is a confirmation text waiting for me when I get out.

J, you are going to do this.  You always talk about wanting an opportunity to go out – to try something new, to meet new people.  If you don’t take this small step right now, how can you complain about not having any opportunities later?  Here’s that pivotal moment where a simple yes or no decision determined which of two very different paths my night would take.  Do you really want adventure or do you want to stay in bed?


Author: thirtysomethingsinglevegan

Twitter: @JanelleJuteram Instagram: janellejuteram Snapchat: jveronique

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