The Waiting Game: 3 Ways to Improve Macro Patience

stocksnap_t8jb5n55mpI’ve never been a patient person.  Experiencing life before and then after the internet + social media, now holding the world in my iPhone has only made me more so impatient.  200% impatient.  Impatient with a shorter attention span, growing exponentially shorter with every passing millisecond because full disclosure I’m legit checking my social media platforms as I’m writing this.

That’s the problem though.  Because the speed with which we can get stuff done, gain access to information, communicate with each other, buy things, ‘meet’ people, has become so fast that we’ve subconsciously convinced ourselves there is only one speed.  Does anyone remember going to the library to research something?  Searching on the DOS computers that only connected with other library computers in that building?  Or better yet using the card catalogue filing system and then going to the location on the shelf to grab the book?  Some of you are like WTF are you even talking about because you just use GOOGLE.

The baseline expectation for everything is NOW.

Expectation = instant, but in reality while there are exceptions most things worth having take time.  Real life time, not internet time.  Seeing all the highlight reels on social media tricks you into thinking that it doesn’t, but accept that it does and thriving through real life time takes real life patience.

Something @GaryVee talks about puts it plainly and I’ve been feeling it at my core:

Macro patience.  Micro speed.

Meaning you need to look at the BIG picture with premium, five diamond, platinum level patience while approaching the everyday hustle, decisions, transactions with speed and intensity.  Much of the time he’s talking about business but it applies to your personal and professional life.  Your life is a long game.  You need to work on balancing the intense, fast paced hard work of the everyday grind with the intense, patience you apply to your overall view of your entire life until now and until your very last day.  Otherwise you will lose your shit.  Let’s be honest, I’m sharing this with you as I’m still losing my shit sometimes.

So patience.  I’m working on it and there’s a few things that have been helping me:

One. Remember how far you’ve come.  Guess what it’s taken to get you where you are today?  Time.  You’ve come such a long way from one year ago, five years ago, ten years ago and you will go such a long way in one, five, and ten more.  Accepting the progress I’ve made thus far in the time that I’ve made it makes it logical to accept how much more progress I can make with more time.

Two.  Celebrate the victories even the small ones.  Sometime you lose, but sometimes you win.  Enjoy that moment and give yourself that fucking cookie.  You worked hard for it, own it.  Don’t just blindly move on to the next thing.  Feel that pleasure and satisfaction and bring it along for the next ride.

Three.  Figure out how to find joy in the journey or do something else because otherwise you’re going to be one sad sack, miserable fuck.  When I was in the second of my three-year Fashion Design program, one piece of advice given to us was that we better make sure that we loved the theme we selected for our graduation collection.  Because if we didn’t love it, we would be pulling our hair out working on it for the next year.  This was the biggest fucking truth and that was just working on a collection for one year.  I cannot imagine spending my entire professional life working on something I didn’t love.  As hard as it is to stay motivated, why would you make it even harder on yourself by trying to be motivated to do something you’re not into?  So if you’re not into it, fuck that static.  Give yourself a fighting chance and find something you’re happy to work hard on and view with macro patience.



Author: thirtysomethingsinglevegan

Twitter: @JanelleJuteram Instagram: janellejuteram Snapchat: jveronique

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