What’s the best non-dairy milk for…

What’s the best vegan milk? For smoothies? In coffee? For frothing?


img_3348I’m not going to pretend I’ve tried every vegan/non-dairy milk out there but I have tested a fair bit in the last few years.  The ones that stick around please me on three levels:

  1. They taste good on their own and taste good in/do not change the taste of what I’m putting them in (or at least don’t change the taste in a way that I don’t like).
  2. They are reasonably priced and available at the places I shop.
  3. They serve a special purpose, for example frothing for specialty drinks as well as a standard purpose – I’m big on value proposition.

The Winners

#1 for taste

If you’re drinking milk on its own, for your cereal, or with/dipping your cookies into it, my number one choice is Earth’s Own Almond SoFresh.  My preference is the unsweetened original.  It’s got a clean, earthy taste that doesn’t change the flavour of what you’re eating it in or with. The texture is not too watery but not too thick and creamy either.  It’s basically the just-right-goldilocks scenario of non-dairy milks.  I add two cubes in the glass because I like it extra cold and it’s also good with Bailey’s Almande if you’re looking for a sexy treat.

Best in smoothies

If I’m making a green smoothie, I prefer the almond milk.  This is because while I like my green smoothies with milk over water, I don’t like them too thick.  Now if I’m making a fruit smoothie, a smoothie bowl or an icy drink to cool down in the hotter months, I like Earth’s Own Cashew SoFresh.  It’s thicker than the almond milk but not too thick that it makes it more difficult to drink my smoothie out of a straw.

I’ve got love for Silk products too but I find all of their milks just a bit too thick for my liking.  That said, if thick milks are your jam then hands down Silk CreamyCashew is the way to go.  Creamiest of all the nut milks I’ve tried thus far.

Best in Coffee

If you’ve already seen my Instagram post than you know what’s up.  Silk Vanilla Almond for Coffee is the best thing to happen to my caffeine addiction since ever.  I’ve tried the regular nut milks but they don’t quite have the texture (even the Silk ones) to replicate a dairy creamer.  This guy however does it seemlessly and without changing the flavour of the coffee for the worst.  I don’t want coconut flavoured coffee all the time!  Plus the vanilla taste is enough that I can forgo any additional sweeteners.  Bonus, they also have a hazelnut option which can be a great alternative to International Delight or Baileys coffee creamer if you’re into that stuff.

Best for Frothing

img_3347No matter what the brand is, soy milk seems to froth the best.  Keep in mind, some brands of soy milk froth even better than others – I’ve tried other brands in my
Lavica frother
and had no issue, but even when I fill below the max line I’ll get an over flow with Silk soy milk.
Now to save myself from having too many different types of milk taking up space in the fridge (and to save money), I will use the Earth’s Own Almond SoFresh for lattes, cappuccinos and hot chocolates.  I’m still able to get a substantial amount of foam (image right) despite it being less than what I could get out of a soy milk.

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