Why Prioritize Strengths?


Go all in on your strengths.

I’ve been hearing this a lot lately, packaged in different forms but the message is the same – the loudest from @garyvee.  It’s simple and logical AF, so why does it seem so earth shattering???

Probably because we’re conditioned to focus on weaknesses and work hard to get better at them.  Okay.  True; I can see why this has some importance.  In school when you get a low grade in a subject or score poorly on a test, you’re told to improve, try harder.  Cool.  I’ve experienced this myself.  I struggled with calculus in both highschool and university.  Just couldn’t get into it.  So while I was barely motivated I tried twice as hard and focused twice as many resources just to pass those classes.  It worked fine as a short-term investment to pass but guess what?  Never have I ever been in a situation up until now where I’m like, ‘fuck, you know what would really help me solve this problem right now?  Calculus’.  I also sucked at Physics.  Zero interest.  Against my parent’s advice, I dropped that class.  Guess what?  Never have I ever been in a situation that I couldn’t get myself through because I didn’t waste my time and energy on trying to pass physics.

Now don’t get it twisted.

I’m not saying formal education hasn’t helped me at all.  Chemistry and Biology helps me understand processes and organize information that aren’t even science related.  Kinesiology and Fashion Design guide the way I live my life.  The difference is that I’m strong in those areas.  The return on my time was well worth the investment.

Your parents, friends, society are likely the ones telling you to focus on your weaknesses.  Telling you to get better at this thing that you suck at but I choose to take those words with a grain of salt.  What is the return on my investment of time to go in on my weakness?  My parents, friends, society; they can’t answer that question for me.  Only I can.

Do you even know what your strengths are?

Maybe you do, maybe you don’t.  Maybe you are strong at some things that you wouldn’t even think of.  Ask your friends, coworkers, your boss.  They can offer insight because they’re viewing your strengths from the perspective of how they benefit them the most.  Or go backwards.  What are you passionate about?  Sometimes we’re not passionate about the things that were good at, so fuck that static, those aren’t the strengths I’m talking about.  Sometimes the things we’re passionate about are our strengths – these are gold.

What would be the return on your time if you kept it 1000 on your strengths and passions rather than your weaknesses?  I don’t know for sure but you better believe I’ll find out.


Author: thirtysomethingsinglevegan

Twitter: @JanelleJuteram Instagram: janellejuteram Snapchat: jveronique

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