Do you self care?

Why self-care is truly self-less


IMG_3548I’m very much THAT person.  The one who does everything she needs to do before what she wants to do, or at least I have been.  I’m in recovery.  I used to belive this was the best way to be productive, to get the to-do list done, to take care of the people I care about.  I’m learning that this might work in the short-term but it’s a shit plan for the long-term.

When you don’t prioritize self-care people get what’s left of you instead of the best of you.

Not my quote, but I’ve read it in a number of places.  It’s truth.  There have been a few times in my life where I’ve held on to so much stress and been so overwhelmed but keeping it 100 on the outside that it eventually manifested into physical sickness.  I mean that I was incapacitated with migraines and throwing up violently because of the pain and nausea.  My body’s way of telling me to slow the fuck down by literally taking me out.

I had this to-do of self-care Saturday festivities and woke up with a splitting headache Saturday morning.  WTF body!  Thanks so much for fucking up my plans.  So I Peppermint Halo’d it up and laid in bed for a bit thinking.  I realized my body was trying to tell me something and forcing me to listen.  I didn’t need to do this whole pamper day thing in order to qualify my day as a ‘self-care’ day.  Self care is what ever it is that makes my self feel cared for when ever it is that I can.  I realized that what I needed was to be present.

Yah yah.  I try to be present every day but true story my mind is always going a million miles per hour.  It’s very difficult to be present but I work on it anyway.  That’s what I’ll do then.  I’ll do those everyday things that I always do to get to the next thing on the list, but do them JUST to do them.  Focus on being present in those little moments.

So here’s my five quick self-care rituals:

One.  Make a cup of coffee (or tea).  Every other time I’m drinking my coffee, I’m typing or reading or answering an email.  This coffee, is just coffee.  Sit in your most comfortable chair in silence.  Smell, sip slowly.  Think of nothing else except how heavenly this moment is.

Two.  Do a hair or face mask.  Guys, you can do this too; don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.  I prefer this one over giving myself a mani or pedi because there’s less work involved.  I can just put the mask on and then sit, doing nothing else.

Three. Massage.  Using a foam roller, one of those hand-held massagers, a massage bar in the shower.  Bonus, because your hands are occupied you physically cannot do anything else.  No checking your phone, no writing on any lists and the repetitive motion can help you zone out.

Four.  Take a walk.  I walk Gannicus everyday but the morning walks are rushed.  They’re part of the routine and also a step in the ‘get-ready’ schedule.  It’s much easier to be present with him, with nature when I’m not thinking about how bad traffic will be or getting my ass to work on time.

Five.  Take a nap.  Even if it’s just a 20 minute power nap.  It’s different from going to bed at night because you have to.  It’s giving your body a rest because you want to.

I’m definitely still all for full out pamper days but if you don’t have the time and energy, isn’t doing what you can better than doing nothing at all.  So how do you self-care???

Author: thirtysomethingsinglevegan

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