Know Me

Hey!  I’m Janelle.  Who am I?  That’s a loaded question, isn’t it???  Not just for me, but you too.  Which is pretty much the reason why I started this blog.  I’m on a journey to discover who I am now while also becoming who I want to be.

Four selfs:  self-discovery, self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-affirmation.

I’m working on simultaneously speeding up to do the hard work while also slowing down enough to be present.  The whole thing seems like a contradiction I know, but I’m learning that being happy will require parts from both ends of the continuum.  I figure you do too and that’s what’s brought you here.

I’m into eating simple vegan food and find its best to approach life holistically.  Mind & body are equally important and I take pleasure in exploring both.  Putting my thoughts into words as I’m on this journey is cathartic and helps put them into perspective – so there’s the selfish side.  While if by reading this just one person out there (yeah, I’m talking to you) feels less alone in their thoughts, however unconventional they may seem, I’m happy to keep putting myself out into the world – the selfless side.  Told you, it’s all on a continuum.

So grab a seat.  Stay a while.


P.S.  My inner sailor comes out to play often – so sorry, not sorry.  Xoxo.


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